Charlot Lucien: Conferences & Presentations


Series: Haiti Through History and Its Stories


A list of the different presentations currently available with a brief outline.   Some are conceived for the general audience as an introduction to various aspects of Haiti’s rich and complex cultural, historical and social landscape.  Length of presentation varies from 20 to 40 to 60 minutes (plus Q&A), depending on requests and overall format.


1-Haitian and Black Americans: Intriguing Connections

(Mature audience, On Power Point)

  • A review of the components of a “missing dialogue”
  • Douglas, W.E.B. Dubois, Langston Hughes, Alex Haley… and the Haitian link.
  • The founding of Chicago, the Louisiana purchase, the Battle of Savannah\
  • Malcom X on Haiti’s founding fathers
  • Concepts: integration, separation, negritude and Haiti.
  • Demystifying perceptions, understanding shared identity and complementarities.


2-Universality and Modernity of Haitian Hero Toussaint Louverture

(Mature audience; can be adapted to younger audiences)                                 

  • From T. Louverture to Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, ML King and Mandela…
  • From Haiti to Rwanda: prosecuting the use of rape as political tool.
  • Toussaint Louverture: beyond geographic and generational boundaries


3-Haiti: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

(Mature audience; on Power Point)

  • Historical and cultural factors that shaped Haiti
  • Social economic factors and indicators that characterize Haiti today
  • A review of the human resources, particularly in the Diaspora and among younger generations, that may shape Haiti’s future


4- Evolution and Impact of Haitian Painting

(Mature audience, Power Point presentation with dozens of illustrations)

  • From its inception (in the 40s) to its evolution, Haitian painting captivated international luminaries and collectors: Sartre, Breton, Ford, Malraux, etc.
  • Haitian painting: its social, religious and anthropological manifestations
  • Its various styles through the work of Haitian masters (Obin, Laurenceau, Hyppolite, Bazile, Obin, Whah, etc.)



5-Haiti’s Independence and its Impact on Other Nations

(Mature audience)

  • The US: Southern States, slavery, Lousianna
  • South-American States: through Bolivar and Miranda
  • International impact through Great Britain, France and the US
  • Modern explorations of Haiti’s contributions

6-Haiti Through Stories and its History

(Interactive presentation for mature audience, On Power Point/overhead)

  • Presentation of caricatured profiles of local and international leaders involved in the political events of the last forty years.
  • Corresponding satirical texts (English, French, Creole) presented with the caricatures.  Interactive: audience invited to identify the leaders featured.


7-About Haitian Cultural Identity and Pride

(Interactive presentation for young audiences, On Power Point)

  • Review of perceptions and stereotypes about Haitians
  • Elements of pride in Haitian history and culture
  • Using Haitian culture to build cultural bridges and acceptance


8-Contribution of Haïti to the cultural and intellectual evolution of other francophone country through the French language

(In French, for mature audience; On Power Point)

  • Definition of “Francophonie” in the Haitian context
  • Review of 3 key Haitian writers in Africa, France, Canada who have acquired celebrity status


9-Krik Krak? Haitian Stories and Riddles

(Interactive presentation; Family audience, young audience)

  • Traditional folktales
  • Haitian riddles


10-Krik Krak? Haitian Stories / “Lodyans”, istwakout ak kont

(Interactive presentation; Mature audience, in Haitian Creole only)

  • From Lucien’s CD “Ti Oma”
  • From Lucien’s CD “Ti Cyprien, Doktè Ya Bezwen”
  • From Lucien’s CD “Grann Dede”


These presentations have been offered to various other audiences in a variety of venues (auditoriums, libraries, schools, conference halls) for the past 15 years in Boston, Chicago, Miami, Connecticut, Port-au-Prince, New-York, Paris, Guadeloupe, etc.

  • University of Massachusetts
  • Suffolk University
  • Alliance Française de Boston
  • Club Richelieu de Boston
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Bunker Hill Community College
  • Albany University (NY)
  • Wellesley College (MA)
  • Boston College
  • Bentley College
  • Salem State College
  • Broward Library (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Habitation Les Ramiers (Guadeloupe)
  • Mairie de Pontarlier (Pontarlier, France)
  • Librairie Toussaint Louverture (Paris, France)


Presentations are available in English, French or Haitian Creole.

For more information and fees schedule, contact us via email at charlotucien@yahoo.com or call us at 617-669-0038