…A storyteller whose talent seems to revive the wonderful tradition inherited from the genial master Maurice Sixto … His "Maitre Monplaisir Tribun" showcases a creative and articulate storyteller who demonstrates a remarkable mastering of his skills. Lucien is a rising star in a Haitian literary genre with a tradition of excellence which does not accommodate half measures ...
Dr. Ludovic Comeau Jr. Journal of Haitian Studies, University of California

With this second CD, Lucien reaffirms that he is taking this genre very seriously. As the addition of supporting sound effects can testify, he is also thinking about revamping it... From time to time in his two CDs, we can feel him, unaltered, naked, risking everything, and without the crutches of his illustrious predecessors.
Mario Malivert, Boston Haitian Reporter, Boston

…Charlot Lucien now belongs to this closed circle of Haitian master story tellers, such as Maurice Sixto, Morisseau Leroy et Jean-Claude Martineau... Frantz Jean Baptiste, Diasporama, Brockton, MA …With these stories, Charlot Lucien throws himself in a battle to save our cultural identity … a battle to build a bridge among different generations of Haitians…
Jean-Claude Martineau, poet, storyteller, Atlanta …

Lucien's deep and articulate voice draws the listener in and his tempo make each story a joy to listen to. Lucien has so take the storytelling world that he is being compared these days to the likes of Maurice Sixto, a well-known Haitian storyteller…
Ella Turenne, Haitian Times, Ella Turenne, New York

"Ti Oma" is my favorite story... I worked for more than 7 years with disfranchised youth in Haiti, and this story gives me hope that there are solutions to social injustice and misery for those who take their destiny into their own hands.
Monique Théodore, educator, Washington

I cried after I listened to Ti Oma's story. Mme H.D., educator, Port-au-Prince, Haiti An excellent painting of the troubling realities of Haitian life... Fred William, Radio Voice of America, Washington

Charlot has picked up and mastered the Maurice Sixto (storytelling) genre brilliantly. There is no doubt that Maurice must be smiling peacefully in Heaven. WWW.CCH-FSCAA.ORG

 Charlot Lucien, a prolific Haitian storyteller, amazed and roused the crowd with his tales and his political and cultural jabs.
Lawrence Duchatelier, Caribbean News