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Ecole du Villlage



ecoleOn October 2005, L'Ecole du Village opened its doors in Canobert, a small community in the island of Ile-a-Vache, thanks to "Solidaires de l'Ile Vache-Hati" an association formed by the Steiner-Waldorf schools of France. Myriam Silien assisted by Florence Tessier, both alumni of the Waldorf system, began teaching: Florence welcomed 13 children in kindergarten while Myriam ran the first grade. Myriam and Florence adapted the Waldorf pedagogic system to fit the environment of the children. They limited the school to 16 students but the demand was so great that they could have welcomed over 100 children. Starting the school was no easy task. Rain and storm delayed the construction of the building. Myriam had to start teaching under a tree. The children had a hard time focusing. Most of them had never held a pen or a pencil in the past and showed little interest in the games. They were passive and not paying much attention. But the school eventually took off and children began showing up everyday with a smile.

EcoleUnfortunately Myriam had to leave the island at the end of 2006, and Florence returned to Europe after completing her 10 months commitment. Upon hearing about the school closure, Jean-Patrick and Bernadette Lucien of EDEM Foundation contacted leaders in the community and offered to help reopen the school. Leaders and parents met and agreed to proceed. KAPEP (formelly H.O.P.E), an organization based in Chicago which supports education in Haiti, quickly committed to cover the salary of the teachers. A committee to manage the school was put in place by the members of the community. Soon the school expanded to 83 students, 5 instructors, and a principal. To this day the community of Canobert is grateful to Myriam for her inspiration and initiative.  

first teachers and principal First day of School


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